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Thursday, August 13, 2009


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Doug is very addicted to Mafia Wars. I haven't even seen it. I figure one addict in the house is plenty.


Yeah, I know! He's the one who got me into it. ;-)


Hey, Marie. My Mafia Wars is waning, too, though I still play it almost daily. I just want to finish off the stupid levels through "Boss" and I'm almost done. I have to level three the boss stage, then that's it. I'll just let it sit and gather dust, so others can hit me up for cash as they rob me. tee hee. It's just a level-chasing game, so there's no real payoff. Now I"m addicted to Farkle, and I'm in a race with my brother-in-law for braggin' rights. LOL.

I'm with you on the health care boondoggle. I've been reading the house bill, but can't make sense of most of it. Think our leaders can? Oh, that's right. They pay people to interpret it for them so they can understand. Are they doing that for us, too? HECK NO! But..shhhh...if someone hears you putting it down, you'll be labeled!


Hey Nat! I have resisted Farkle.. and Farm Ville. ;-)

I'll send you an article I received with some page-by-page translations. Alarming isn't even the word for it.

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