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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


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SOS (Save Our Santa)!

Good to hear from you. I myself don't get Twitter, but I love Facebook. Go figure.


As you well know I neither Twitter or FB. We took our kids to the ssame Santaevery year. Now my daughter takes the CP to him as well.Most people in this area know him as THE Santa. One of these years I imagine he won't be there. I have been tld he comes in from Minnesota every year.

Bluegrass Mama

Welcome back! And good for you; I hope they see the error of their ways. And I'm with Suzanne--love Facebook but not Twitter (which I know would be an even worse timesucker for me than FB is).


okay, I live in your neck of the woods - I'm curios - which mall? I love the real-looking Santas. It's so disappointing to see one who looks and acts fake - kids aren't stupid.

Twitter is addicting.

So is FB - it's a great way to connect with old friends and there are fun time -waster games there, too.


Well, howdy stranger!

Nice letter..I hope the mall peeps listen to you and reconsider. So what if the beard is scrawny! Yeah, I'm sure that's the reason the shoppers aren't out in full force this year. BLAME SANTA's BEARD!!

I like facebook, but I don't really spend much time on it. Lately, I've been addicted to Geni, filling out the family tree and getting others to join it, post pics, and enter family info.
Good to have you back, Marie!


Good to see you back! I just started to twitter and facebook. I'll look you up on Facebook. I'm not so sure how to find you on twitter so I'll just tell you that I'm iatraveler and leave that to you!

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