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Thursday, August 07, 2008


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I guess he told you! I cannot stand the Wiggle and in fact have told my three year old that they are only on Grandma's TV, not ours, so he can't watch them here. I am evil. Yes I am.

Bluegrass Mama

No Wiggle Room in this house, thank goodness!


Did you know there is one at Six Flags in New Jersey? Still a drive for you, but not quite as far as Australia.


I have no idea what a Wiggle is. I'm definitely out of that loop. My sister is heading to Sesame Place with the kids (2 and 5) this weekend. It is someplace in Pennsylvania and has been a big hit for the past two years. Probably no Wiggles, though!


Ha! That K is such a funny little man. Who knew The Wiggles had their own World?


That is hilarious. Bloody Wiggles. (They do make it to the annual Thanksgiving Parade in NY don't they? I think they manage to tour in the US once in a while too...)


You could always let him see them online (playhousedisney.com). Games, music...


Well, did you call Jeff? ;)

I am so glad my kiddo didn't have the Wiggles, but we did suffer through those horrid Teletubbies. EGAD, the Wiggles would have been a huge improvement!


reminds me of when I was a kid and I wanted to call Ranger Rick. no, really. :)

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