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Monday, November 27, 2006


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Bluegrass Mama

I don't suppose you stopped in Syracuse to give my regardst to my family there? ;-)

We had a great Thanksgiving, too, even though it was just my immediate family and a close friend. I was grateful that the weekend was so restful.


It's so neat to see your children so enjoyed by relatives, isn't it? As you well know, my family is over the moon for Isabella, and it's nice to know we were able to provide that kind of joy. :)

vw bug

Sounds wonderful. Hope the rest of the season goes as well.


Yay for happy holidays! Glad you had a great one!


I'm thankful for net pals like you, Marie! Sounds like you all enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving. Ahhh, happiness!


I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving. I'm grateful to have met you through blogging too. i wonder if I've ever seen you at the mall or library or something.


Oh thanks Marie. You are one of my favoute people you know. Even though we live contients apart we have a lot in common... ((HUGS))

Yes, living apart from family isn't easy is it? But sometimes I really enjoy being apart from our loved ones. I feel more appreciated that way!! *giggle giggle*


Sounds wonderful.

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