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Sunday, November 19, 2006


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How about a pee-on-the stick "Will the kids sleep through the night" test? Or is it better not to know.

I've never purchased a Chia pet. : )


LOL at Raehan's remark!

I'll take the Chia Head for 400, Alex! ;) I had a Chia pet once...a gift from my young son for Christmas. Let's see...it thrived for about 2 weeks, then, thankfully, it passed away.

I can tell you, you do NOT need the pee on a stick menopause test! When your hair thins, your periods get really, really heavy, then die off, you can't sleep or remember anything, and you start to carry Vera Bradley bags, you know you're in menopause! ;) (and I am...YEAH! I'm happy about it!)


Yeah! Why not!!!?!! *snigger snigger*


I hope you're having a wonderful holiday!


Hi! I'm here via Blog Fodder :)

My Chias always died :(


Oh! An excellent suggestion! I like how it should send a red alert. Maybe it could detect a certain level of bitchiness and automatically call us into work sick.

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