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Sunday, November 19, 2006


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I have my own menopause test indicator. It's the tip of a steak knife ripping through my gut from the back side. :)

Michele sent me


This is too funny MArie, :)


Oh man. Buy 2 of those inflatable things! I love em! I don't care if the neighbors go nuts!

Hi from Michele's :)


I think you should copyright that right away gurlfriend!

Hugs from Michele.


Very funny! And no, you are not alone. I've never owned a Chia pet/head/etc either. And yet, I've always secretly thought they were kinda cool. In a weird, geeky sort of way. Guess I never bought one so I could avoid being thought of as weird or geeky! LOL


That was soooo funny! And possibly a future reality. You never know. Get the patent so you aren't kicking ourself when you see it on a Ronco ad.

Bluegrass Mama

What a hoot, Marie! I think you could make a fortune if you can get it into production.

Mrs. Flinger

HAHAHAH! THANK GOD because I thought after this pregnancy I wouldn't get to pee on sticks anymore.

WOOOT! :-)


Are Chia pets really that expensive? As I read your post I was thinking about all of my nieces and my lone nephew. Wouldn't they all like Chia pets? Would that make me a bad uncle? For $150 I think I'm willing to find out! :)


LOL. Hi-larious! I, for one, love your idea about peeing on the stick in the morning and getting a reminder printout. I think you have a highly marketable idea here, Marie.

And btw, what's wrong with those ginormous inflatable snowglobes? I, for one, am putting up several in my teeny front yard this year. ;)

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