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Friday, October 20, 2006


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It freaks me out when my seven-year-old reads to my five-year-old, and now he's starting to read, too. Kind of makes us feel like we're being phased out.


Oh Marie this post made me smile. MOnet isn't reading to me (yet!) but I love it when I can hear her in her room and reading out loud to herself. It honestly warms my heart. But for little man to be reading a NEW book to you? Wow, he is truely talented. You've done well Marie.

Try and get your hands on 'Where is the Green Sheep?' by Australian author, Mem Fox. It is our all time favourite book over here and he will be reading it to you pretty quickly. In fact email me if you can't find a copy and I'll send you over a copy. (It comes in lovely boardbook form also so it wouldn't be any trouble to send!)


awww... he's growing up so fast. What a cool milestone.


He's already putting his plate in the dishwasher? Good for you! They do grow up. In the blink of an eye.


Have you ever tried changing the words? I had to read "The Bears Toothache" so many times that I decided one day to change the words, you know, just for fun. Well, you would have thought I was trying to murder Sara for all the screaming she did. Kids do remember the words to books. Makes you wonder what else they remember!


My 11 year old has never put his plates in the dishwasher without me reminding him. Your son is a keeper.


Awww! That is so sweet...

I'm putting that book on my Amazon wish list, Melody!

Just wait. Ella's gonna blow you away!!

Lass & Barbara,
I think it was a fluke -- it hasn't happened again since! But he definitely is a little helper.

Caryl, I have accidentally skipped pages & am ALWAYS corrected!!! They remember EVERYTHING!!


They grow up so fast. Brenna "teaches" Caelan patty-cake. So cute.

Unfortunately she isn't ready to teach potty skills. She woke up dry this morning but wouldn't go on the potty. More practice...

Bluegrass Mama

Aw, how sweet! But you do know where they get those amazing memories, don't you? They steal their parents' brain cells while you're sleeping.

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