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Friday, October 06, 2006


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Ha! Excellent point! More people should use birth control properly! As evidenced by my post today...

vw bug

Most people can't 'control' themselves why would we think our leaders would do better?


Our leaders aren't to blame. They do what they're pressured to do to get votes. That is as it should be. However, we would have a better world if more of us actually think about the bill of goods being sold to us, rather than being led to our destruction by special interest groups like the environmental groups that pushed for the DDT ban in the first place. Just because a bunch of self-appointed know-it-alls tell us we're in danger (creating and exploiting false fears, rather than appealing to our intellects), doesn't mean we should listen. ie - There is no substantive scientific evidence that global warming is caused by human activity. In the mid seventies, the same people who are promoting the global warming boogie man promised us we'd be living in the next ice age by now. They were exactly wrong then, and they could just as well be now. Demand to see real evidence! Unfortuneately, it requires old fashioned adult level maturity and simple common sense to be able to resist the constant brainwashing we receive by the "society of know-it-alls who want to change the world to suit their own fantasies" and their accomplices in the main stream media. That's something too many of us lack, and it suits the politicians just fine. Remember, they're all lawyers. They're trained to win an argument no matter how absurd their position. So, there's no integrity there. It's up to us to lead them. They are our puppets.

By the way, where are all those horrendous hurricanes we were promised this past hurricane season? It was supposed to be the worst season on record, because of global warming. The ocean is 2 degrees warmer now, don't you know. Where are they?


Are there alternatives to DDT? If the alternatives were used would the children have died? Is there effective treatment for malaria? Are there other preventative measures?

DDT caused the near extinction of peregrine falcons and other birds. The environment is a healthier place now. While human life reigns supreme, the world needs to meet many challenges at once in order to optimize resources. So the biggest percentage of time and effort should go to improving the human condition, and some should devote their efforts elsewhere.

Perhaps more should be done about malaria, and healthcare, and poverty.

Perhaps the same people who recommended banning DDT saved lives with some other proposal. Perhaps DDT killed people when it was used at improper levels, perhaps too many overused it. If all those people lived would there have been famines from food supply shortages?

The answers and the proper balance are so hard to find, there are many places to lay blame, and just as many to give credit to.

You wrote a very thoughtprovoking post.


Gleened from junkscience.com:

The decline in the U.S. peregrine falcon population occurred long before the DDT years.

Human beings killed them off, often intentionally, or sometimes as inadvertant consequences of human activity. Examples: construction site egg breakage, egg collecting, and scientific research which harms its subjects, pigeon fanciers trapped them to boost the pigeon population, hunters probably killed them as well, etc.


Did DDT kill the American Buffalo too? Or could it possibly have been something else?

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