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Monday, October 30, 2006


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Too cute! I also wish I could bottle the innocence of this age. I'm sure it would come in handy later on.


You know what Marie, things just get better and better. No matter what age my son is, I'm convinced that's the best age.


Oh how lovely. I love the little conversations Monet and I have too. The other day I was watching a movie and Monet was busy playing at my feet. (Yes, I can manage to tune her out these days!) I got a fright in the movie and jumped a little. Monet stood up and said "Aww, Mummy it's okay...it's okay" and preceeded to give me a big, big hug!! Awww!!!

Sometimes I wish I could seriously bottle this age. But look what we have to look forward to Marie!

Mrs. Flinger

Perfect post to balance out mine. Sweetness is much needed and a great reminder right now. :-)

Thanks for that, Marie!


Awww... that's too cute. I can't wait to have these kind of conversations with Ella, although I think if she asks me where my diaper is, I'll have a hard time not laughing hysterically.

Bluegrass Mama

Even the teen years have their wonderful moments, which is why they survive to become terrific adults. Well, at least that's our experience so far.

vw bug

Fantastic! I love precious moments with my boys.

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