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Thursday, October 12, 2006


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Geez, they are rushing it, aren't they? Here, they gather the leaf bags several times over the course of the season, which makes sense! I hope your leaves blow into the neighbor's yards!!


Dear Marie,

As a result of our mandate to keep your streets leaf free (even if that means operating the leaf sweeper when there are no leaves on the actual ground), we have had to raise your property taxes. Well worth it, don't you think?




*I liked Suzanne's comment* Grin.
You mean to say that in the US they have big trucks that suck up piles of leaves? How bizarre. What a waste of money.



Dear Town,

My tax payment may be late. I'm busy & have to work extra to pay for unnecessary leaf truck outings.


ps -- I'll take a picture for you next time it comes around, Melody!


sounds like snow removal where they run the trucks over the first flake and wait a few hours after the storm's over to finish up.

now what about a vaccuum that sucks the leaves right off the trees? they they can schedule it for whenever they want! :)

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