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Thursday, September 14, 2006


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vw bug

I'm with you on containment parenting. If it would just work. sigh.


Hey, he is IN HIS CHAIR! I think a popsicle is in order! Of course, you get to clean up the sticky stuff! ;)

I think you're right about the bedtime rules, though. Too young. Just be sure to read a bedtime story!! :-)


And I thought it was fun having a 2 year old! bribery? I am all for bribery.


I suppose he can leave his room alone? Brenna will sometimes get out of bed and rush the door when I put her down for naps. Breaks my heart to close the door in her face but she always finds her way back to her bed to sleep. Myabe you should find a way to contain him in his room and let him figure out that the bed is the comfy place to sleep?


Good, it's not just me!

YOU can come & clean up the sticky stuff! ;-)
Oh boy, do we read books -- piles of them!

Just you wait!! ;-)


Yes, he opens the door. We put a gate across and he stands there crying/screaming. I have yet to let him scream it out at the gate! Though I did put a pillow & blanket by the gate once, thinking I'd get up the nerve to try... sigh. It may come to that.


Problem is, kids are smart. Well, about some things.


The boy will do anything for popsicles, that's so cute. I always figured out what my son's favorite thing was so that I could use it to milk good behavior out of him.


What a riot! I love how that whole positive reinforcement thing works, and then oftentimes backfires. But you are lucky that all it takes is a popsicle. Around my house we are into cold, hard cash. And even that doesn't work most of the time . . .


SO right. They don't miss a trick!

I like it. Hey, we've got to do what works!

So nice to see you!! ;-) I'm sure we'll be right there with the cash too, as soon as he figures that out. For now, popsicles & toys seem to be the currency of choice here!

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