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Friday, July 29, 2005


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vw bug

Wow. I remember those times with Tater. And Tot is a whole lot worse. Hmmmm. I'll send you an email tomorrow. Tired tonight!

Lucy Stern

I would call your doctor and ask him if this is normal. This seems a little extreme. Good luck


My first one threw more tantrums than Hannah. The only thing you can do for a tantrum, if you are lucky enough to be in a place were it is safe to do so, is walk away, turn your back, and wait until the tantrum has finished. Trying to soothe the child only fuels it.

In my experience, the terrible twos come in waves. You'll get good weeks and bad weeks. If you are lucky, you may actually have a bit of a break at some point.

How about a virtual hug? Does that help?


This sounds very much like my daughter -- we haven't passed this stage yet, but I am hopeful that it will be over soon. Good luck!


It'll get better, really it will. Before you know it, he'll be asking for money to go to the movies every day...or ask you to drop him off at the mall...ugh!!!


VW - Thank you!

Lucy - That's what I thought, but the more I read about it, the more I find out that it's pretty normal. Fortunately we've had no head-banging all weekend!

Raehan - Thank you! You are very sweet. Yes, that helps!

Suzanne - I hope you're past it soon too.

Tammy - Oh my! You're sooo right. I hope to still have a blog when I have a teenager -- I'll be sending out plenty of virtual screams, I bet!


It's normal. From 15 months until age 4, I was ready for someone else to raise my kids. OK, I'm joking... kinda.

Seriously, from 15 mo until they are very verbal is hellish at best. It is their inability to communicate.

It's all about the snacks. I found special snacks they only got while sitting in their stroller helped.

Bathtime... you have a boy. You can do bubbles. But keep in mind, if you let them help, it helps too. Try letting him help you prepare his bath.

Just some thoughts... I'm sorry for you!


Thanks Bou. We're having a really good spell right now -- we're visiting family & there are cousins & aunts all around, and my little guy is LOVING life right now.

I'm on dial-up on an older computer right now & am not able to get into Typepad yet, so I can't post. I'm going to try downloading Firefox & see if I can get in that way!


We did not have too many of those with my girls but we did manage to see a couple. I would say that they are best viewed behind the lens of a video camera. I have one of my oldest daughter screaming about her elmo. It is priceless. (PS- I am not making light of your situation- just mine. I doo feel for you. *hugs*)

Bluegrass Mama

I guess this isn't a good time to tell you that both of my kids were much worse at 3 than at 2.

So just pretend I didn't say anything!

They DO outgrow it. My 20 year old is delightful most of the time.

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