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Thursday, April 14, 2005


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Jody Halsted

I got nuthin'. But I was yelling at the TV when Law & Order was on and Detective Green got shot...


I know! Last night was insane. I can see why Scott and Nadia ended up in the bottom three, but I can't understand why Bo did. I've noticed this season that the voters are really listening to Simon. Simon told Nadia she could be going home, and she did. He criticized Bo, and inexplicable didn't recognize Free Bird, and he ended up in the bottom 3. Bizarre.


We're a bit behind you over here but I cannot believe Scott is still going!! I'm a total fan of Bo now and just want him to release something soon so I can listen to his stuff whilst blogging!!


But the real question is: How many times did you want to bitchslap (first time using that word) Ryan Seacrest?????

Thanks for your comment, and for linking me. I'll link ya back!!!


Don't you hate it when they do that!?

It does seem that way, huh? I kind of wish they'd skip the judges at this point... it's not about what they think any more! Though they're part of the entertainment...

Sorry for spoiling it for you! How far behind are you guys? (how many people are still in it?)

Yeah, Ryan. And what was with the suit and tie? I wonder if the producers plan what he'll say to the performers on results night... or if it's just ad-lib. It seemed like he wanted Bo to be sad, and well, he just wasn't! Bo is so cool! Ryan is so NOT! It's really painful the way they drag the results out - especially for an hour! Give me a break. Thanks for visiting! And for the linky!


I was heartbroken when Bo was in the Bottom 3.

And yeah, I echo your question, WHO IS VOTING FOR SCOTT?!?!?!


I think his mother puts the # on speed dial. I see no other plausible explanation!! :-)

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