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Sunday, January 09, 2005


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It's close between number 1 and 3. Let me listen to Josh Groban *You Lift Me Up* for the 975th time and perhaps by the end I'll know. :)


I'm thinking choice 1. And you look SO familiar! I wonder if we've met before?


Wow - - I had no idea that you had yellow feathers! At least I'll be able to recognize you now when we meet for lunch.

I'll bring along some breadcrumbs since you don't look like the type who'll really enjoy Thai.


I'm guessing number 1... I'm sure Anita will have *no* problems picking you out in a crowd since you look soooo good in yellow!


You're all so quick!! This wasn't the stumper I'd hoped for... oh well, now that I know I'm dealing with some extra smart people, I'll have to make my next game a little more challenging!

ps - sure, I love breadcrumbs, Anita! Especially if they're chocolate-covered.


Just found your blog via Anita. Great job! Love it. I will be back.


Dang, I could've sworn you were Number 4. I'm so bad at these games, it's humiliating.


See? I'm tricky that way... throwing in a decoy!

Bluegrass Mama

I thought it was #4, too. I figured you'd pick that lovely shade of blue.

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